Carol Bass

a continuous flow of feelings and color, inspired by the beauty around us

New Year's Hawk

pindo palm

the cardinal mother, our sister
with mysterious wisdom

choosing a palm we planted last year,
toward the end of one drooping frond
capable of good rocking,
she constructed a hidden home 
while eggs were forming in her belly
she knew about protection 

moss, dried oak leaves, pine straw, a bit of fabric
comfort, security 
a universal knowing 
of the wind, rain, and sun
of the bird
of the tree



MY BLACK RIVER 60″ x 60″ This painting, along with another 60″ x 60″ which I will post later, is now hanging in a collector’s home in Maine. Thank Holy Heaven for adventurous souls that dare and inspire. With a deep breath and sigh, I know this is what makes the earth spin forward. Motion, […]