post 232: my friend, good-bye, adios, forever

by Carol Bass


Au revoir mon ami

we lived in neighboring
seaside towns where endless winters
turned into summer days
gi gong classes, art exhibits,
astonished I am
from different cultures we bumped
into bees into gardens into honey into children into stories
into grace and goodness
you helped me with love
guided me through tangled vines and briars
returning to childhood
we squeezed open a rusty, squeaking wolf’s trap
met everyone again with open hearts

you told me you’d live forever
now, you say you are dying
oh, but I see how this works
the stories…
how honey lives
your footsteps sounds on the stairs
lit beeswax candles on your tree
the care, like a shawl, you covered me with

you’re released now, your turn
for some exploring
your stories rolling through time
you can whiz past stars
fly through black holes