post 225: wind, water, ripples, energy, life force

by Carol Bass


a day for chips and pickles

around the middle group of grasses
a smooth band where no breeze makes ripples
a satin shimmering border
disappearing in seconds

mergansers bobble, venture into the quiet band, dive
pop up in other ruffled water around the marsh

I imagine a small group from ISIS
joining us, having thrown their machetes in the back of some truck

lots of clattering
we talk about beavers and kingfishers,  cottonmouths hanging from branches
we hike Spenser Mt. with Patrick McMillan
lie down in wildflowers
so their souls began to rumble

on top of Spenser
still lying in wildflowers we discuss  black holes
and merganser mating practices, and Alain de Botton’s books

we play touch football
drink sparkly water
dehydration must always be a problem for them
actually causing their brains to act strangely
could it be so simple? merely dehydration

we hug and plan another trip down the Edisto