Post 225: prayer, beauty, dragonfly, hibiscus

by Carol Bass


dragonfly on hibiscus for Pas de Deux

all through the fine day

I was loving the world
as many do, it’s so easy
tanangers pecking at the windows, bluebirds at the suet feeder
cute little squirrel tenderly napping on a nearby branch
the persistant one that drinks from our make-shift birdbath

the small group of toads
gathering at night outside our door
waiting to pounce on slow-moving june bugs

after the downpour yesterday
the booming thunder
after the terrorizing of our Holy City

I thought I understood love
…..all that matters
…..all you need

but being immersed in a southern love cloud
the air feels sizzly with a new kindness
hope has settled on the back porch
where a dragonfly perched on a scarlet hibiscus
gripped my aching soul, and said
go now
you know how to move this earth forward

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