6 days until FL!

by Carol Bass

It was a busy week this week at work (as usual, blah blah blah). And I suddenly developed a pretty bad case of shin splints after I did a hill/sprint workout on the Casco Bay Bridge with my trainer on Wednesday. (Yowser! I hadn’t had those since high school soccer). I took it easy the rest of the week because I am headed to Florida on a few days with my aunt to visit my beloved sister and run a half marathon. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

My faithful running partner and I did about 4 and a half miles around town today before the rain started. Here he is waiting outside while I get a towel to wipe down the muddy water and sand from his paws and his undercarriage.


Talking to my mom on the phone today and I was telling her that people look at us and smile and laugh and…

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