Post 264: two birds, universe, mud, pink beaks, football, salt water, sun

by Carol Bass



I’m singing with two birds
in the marsh this morning
feeling their long, curved, rosy beaks

laughing, howling really
at their hot pink legs and feet
how they push their football bodies
bobbing through the oozy black mud

I’m ecstatic that I don’t know their names
I want only nameless things
for the rest of this life
except maybe air, ant hills and leaves
sun browning me
salt water leaving my skin sticky
lake water leaving it silky

end it all with the walls
and boundary making God, please
aliens, immigrants
black muslims, white jews
puritans, waspy witches
tutsi shite
red neck transphobics

only yes
only know
how light shimmers on water
how marsh grass changes a million color greens
how love makes the universe tremble and sing