Post 262: grunt fish, blue bike, cleats, squash, southern boy

by Carol Bass

the cows are dancing

old Southern Boy

he rode his bike down
asked Owie to make him some cleats
“my builder put the doors on backwards,
I can hold ’em up with the cleats
and switch ’em”

“grunt fish, good eatin’ ” he said
“reef dwellers, pretty blue lines
running through yellow,
I’ll bring you some.”

when he was five
fishing with his daddy, catching hundreds
jumping up and down
“Daddy, I wanna catch one, let me catch one!
now can I? how can I?”
Daddy said, “sure ok, sure, quiet down!
you gotta hear them biting!”

gave him his cleats
with a bag of squash
same color yellow on those grunts
and he left, riding that line
on his blue bike