Post 262: New Orleans, jazz, alive, Putin, turtles

by Carol Bass


New Orleans Jazz

wanted you to know that before dawn today
I thought about you visiting your sister in New Orleans
how she wears her lipstick, bold and thick and luscious
several ultrmarine silk scarves in varying patterns
’round her neck

you two always meet there for the jazz
some people know the art of living
the rest could take lessons

while you were gone
3 fishing boats quietly left together
underneath the stars
puttering out to sea in the dark before dawn

later that morning Mrs. Painted Bunting
visited the feeder and stayed forever
the cowpeas grew an inch
and the breeze never stopped
three foxes crossed the road
by BOBO’s bar-b-q right at dusk
a harrier hawk flew low over our car for 1/4 mile

I wish Putin was filled with wonder
and thought with such tenderness
ate BOBO’s pulled pork
visited New Orleans
and belly laughed more
instead of keeping the natural gas from his neighbors
so he could feel big

if he came to the beach
he might see the turtles hatching in the sand
hi tailing it the waves
his awe with such miracles
might overwhelm his not having been really loved as a child
then the whole world could listen to jazz whenever it wanted