Post 256: Hot Collards, bourbon, pecan pie, marsh grass, poem, painting

by Carol Bass



on the way to the church supper
the marsh green golds
flow into celadon field cabbages
and the lady sings as she serves
…”leaning on the everlasting arms”
the grass green peas
the soft pale lima beans
the dark steamy collards
all salty with ham juice
so much green
and the pecan pie with bourbon
that Martha is serving
will save you in the afternoon
while you dance to the music
alone by yourself

the chickens and goats
at Lone Palmetto Farms
dance too in the fields
you are not alone
the plumber leaves eggs on your porch
not alone
you cook an omelette of gold

then life
riddled with black holes
bubbles on the surface
and is tolerable
…monumental even
so much love color