Post 247: magnificent bug, high heels, curiosity, South, poetry, painting

by Carol Bass

new bug approaching


silliest small creature
I ever saw today
curious about a red bowl
on the porch rail
our lunch all laid out
crackers and tuna and mayo

if the moon is full
and the stars aligned
we might all meet
this way
out of time
in new dimensions
like dancing bug and dead tuna

inch-long body
6 stilty legs
upper thighs of orangey-red
lower calves socked in soot
except the two all black
front legs
all mime-like and sexy
feeling as it goes

blind bug flying
with crystal clear wings
toward a salt water smell

legs delicate and skinny
white high heels
on each foot
toes pointed, tapping
did I say
like it was stoned?
such a jester
you laughing God