POST 200: lawyer, cadillac, deviled crabs, South Carolina

by Carol Bass


A lawyer named Dorcas Tuten?
you would laugh the entire time
leaving all paperwork untouched on her desk

she’d tell you about her grandma Meta
her freckled face
hair in a bun like a grey ball of yarn
white lacy tendrils around her ears
hefty breasts gathered up with a faded green apron
she made the best deviled crabs

smelling of rosewater and brillo
the knuckles of her tanned hands
like smooth giant marbles
earrings jiggling back and forth tickling her shoulders
as she reached for her glass of afternoon sherry

and Meta’s friend Sylvester
arriving up the sandy drive
slamming the cadillac car door with a quality thump
pressing a thick grease print
in her orange linen skirt

waddling to give Meta hugs so fierce
that a fine mist of face powder
sprinkled out of her wrinkles
tickling their cheeks and noses