POST 173:Celery stalk, Bloody Mary, ripe fruit, cormorants, blue sea, South Carolina, Maine

by Carol Bass

Memorial Day 2012

He was old, scuffling in heavy boots
across the way to his truck
Out in Maquoit Bay
islands floating on sparkling blue
Cormorants racing

Hot lovers at the nearby table
pressing bodies kissing

Two boats fast approaching
leaving splashing waves
They want to be closer
becoming one
forgetting who they are in this world
feeling a brief magic

But the celery in his bloody mary
18 inches long
male icon between them

Keeps projecting itself
rather funny
and they cannot make more love
here in this deck in the sun

Overflowing sunburned breasts
tumbling out of faded black camisole
offering a platter of over-ripe fruit
looking at him for help
as he looks at me

This small river of sex on the deck
at Cook’s Lobster House
next to the deep blue sea