Post 152: Visualize, Crazy, Poetry, Paintings, South Carolina, Maine, Venus

by Carol Bass

Behind Venus

Oh Soul, come
let’s be wild today
and hatch with the bugs
near the garden
Rustle in the warm wind
visit Neruda’s hideout

Come be with the mating horseshoe crabs
The red tail just laid
her beautiful spotted egg

And during our tea
keep singing
knowing you already know everything
the fluttering of mourning doves
vivid orange feet
next to soft pink tan breast

And that brontosaurus
groaning with weight
Let’s see what happens behind Venus
while he’s breathing
in through that massive neck

Remember those Margueritas in Buenos Aires?
exactly opposite, salty inside, sugar on the rim
Lovers are there now at the Equador Bar

Let’s go fall in the river
rolling by the steps
and float away this time
grateful and peaceful
with ecstasy