Post 140: Witnessing, Sycamore Leaf, meditation, Marian, Virginia, Rain, Poem, Art, Afganistan, India, Blessed

by Carol Bass


During meditation
a lone crinkled Sycamore leaf
being pushed and twisted around
by the wind
on late winter grass
became Afganistan

Curves and mountains of the leaf’s topography
were explored by hand and soul
climbing over rocks
peering into into caves

The Holy Goddess used charcoal sticks
Conte’ crayons and wet mud
building this world

And the people, like us, belonged
on this dirt
to explore love, give love
and thrive
though few had learned
so caught up in simply surviving
The animals too
Can you smell their hot breath?
The children playing, like ours,
kicked balls, knew hope

Those same colors of life
and possibility
run through the crape myrtle bark
in the spring
and the blessed Pomegranates
of India