POST 115: Eagle, Red-tailed Hawk, McKinnely Washington Bridge, Intracoastal waterway

by Carol Bass


I left the beach today to go to market
No sleep last night
that bright full moon with more magical
power than ever and Jupiter hanging out
being neighborly as plain as day

all those magnetic waves
seemed I was swimming in caffein

Bringing home cumin seed to roast,
crush, and mash in bananas might
do the trick for rest

But on the way out two eagles flying
directly over the car on Jungle Road
thank you O Holy Mother
for keeping me on the road

Then on TOOGOODOO Road
Red Tail hawk flew by same second
this thought, “must be revised
wording for CEO” slid through my mind
“creative everlasting one” works well

And thank you twice
cause I felt her speaking

Shopping at the Goodwill store
in West Ashley with Fats Domino finding his thrill on BLUEBERRY HILL
dancing around the aisles of
color-coded clothes while maintaining
a tincture of
good sense and composure

But simply died with the Stones, WAITING ON A FRIEND

$5.99 one hat and one scarf later
for gospel sing on Sunday
grabbing my heart, I left