POST 112: Spicy Lantana, Butterflies, sunrise, prayer, art, South Carolina, Maine

by Carol Bass


My treat for book group tonight
at Sid and Carol’s
And Mama said cooking a potato along with
collard and turnip greens
takes away the bitterness

But during chopping the aroma was
so powerful in a bad way
I threw the lot away
I’ll find the greenery bed
for the finished pie in some other garden.

During bike ride,
prayer time,
six great blue herons
one giant white ibis
by the lagoon fishing
where yesterday two
kingfishers, one hawk, so low,
swooped and whirled

Stopping for rosemary at Virginia’s
becoming the butterflies
gathering on her bottle bush

Home to sweet potatoes baking
and smelling so rich
with darkness creeping thru
the creases of this heaven
when one looks away

Drug plane passes over
as I pedal on
people dying alone in backyards
and Ike has heart problems

yesterday a giant asteroid
missed us by miles
one monarch lying down in the dirt
to die
as I pedal past

so let me love you today sugar
as much as I can
be my honey tonight