POST 100: Art, Poetry, Carol Bass, Maine, Autumn, Bugs

by Carol Bass

THE BLUEJAY and THE FOX (final version)

60″ x 60″ acrylic on board

….poem for today is different than the name of this painting, but the energy is high in both. One a frantic sort, and one pure joy.


Their entrance is timed in seconds
a gift from nature for me
to take a message or many
for this human animal’s
attempts at translation.

I pause
dumfounded and awed
wishing the gift to be received
for all
on this earth

They choose the sun’s rays
morn or evening
light is where they like to dance
and fly
up and down
up and down
their hatch is a birth
and a mating waltz

Not over water
not food for fish
maybe appetizer for a sparrow
white fluff the size
of a pinhead
joy distilled
and what more
simply proof
of the essence of divine energy

What other reason
do these bugs need to be?