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Post 231:banana leaves, ant, crumb, afternoon sun

ENERGY-KISS-005--copy copy

Mama called late afternnoon “technicolor time”

the banana tree shimmered
as the day darkened
patches of blazing yellow
jumped from leaf to leaf

nearby, on the back deck, an ant tussled with a crumb

when he came to the crevice where the floor boards met
he would hurl the crumb into the crack
swing his hind legs up to next board
travel backwards a few steps, turn around, resume speed

on and on for about 15 feet, miles to him
he walked
finally disappearing off the deck into the leaves

what miracles were down Toogoodoo Road
I could only wonder

Post 230: grapevine, green beetle, jardinere, rain, praying mantis


yoga outside in morning sun

doing stretchies outside
under limbs of oak
on one is a stretching grapevine
like me
it is reaching toward heaven
toward millions of miracles

the vine resembles a giant dancing praying mantis
jiggling in the wind with red legs
and moving leaves its costume
a graceful creature with a life too deep
for bigotry and judgement

no less is the almost drowned green beetle
floating in the green jardinere
who’s been there since midnight
but once out
is stretching too
its waterlogged legs

Post 229: quiet morning

In The Air copy

the honor of quiet

a screech owl the night before
grunts and tiny squeaks of a week old baby
gentle wind through rustling bananna leaves
fluttering hummingbirds in the salvia
settling rain clouds
singing with your daughters
singing with your friends

a slow curving line
that will always bring you home

Post 228: golden marsh, morning, new baby girl coming

Marsh 2015-1 copy

southern autumn for a new granddaughter

sultry evening air
through dark dancing oak limbs

deer reaching
balancing front hooves
up on palms
feasting on every last berry

whistling twittering bird song
over marsh grasses
in open morning windows

ecstacy to be
a traveling soul again

Post 226: child, tanager, hummingbird, love, world

2012-11-22 10.40.40

the wonder

you can give a child
hummingbirds at the salvia
tanagers and bluebirds at the suet
toads at the door in the dark of night

feed a roach to the toads
and talk about death
how it must crunch

show her the tides
the white egrets flying
the vibrations
connecting each person on earth to the moon and the sun
from her travels, you know
she will already know

Post 225: prayer, beauty, dragonfly, hibiscus

Originally posted on PAS de DEUX:

dragonfly on hibiscus for Pas de Deux

all through the fine day

I was loving the world
as many do, it’s so easy
tanangers pecking at the windows, bluebirds at the suet feeder
cute little squirrel tenderly napping on a nearby branch
the persistant one that drinks from our make-shift birdbath

the small group of toads
gathering at night outside our door
waiting to pounce on slow-moving june bugs

after the downpour yesterday
the booming thunder
after the terrorizing of our Holy City

I thought I understood love
…..all that matters
…..all you need

but being immersed in a southern love cloud
the air feels sizzly with a new kindness
hope has settled on the back porch
where a dragonfly perched on a scarlet hibiscus
gripped my aching soul, and said
go now
you know how to move this earth forward

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Post 276: Great White Egret, fish, neck, heaven, stars

Carol-3492a-2-copy copy

an evening round about

driving by the marsh at dusk
searching for stars
two late fishing egrets
glowing white in an evening veil
a familiar awe consuming me

my fingertips brush
the long stretched arc of her neck
soft white feathers
satin smooth
poured creamy silk

I gently hold her snake-like throat
tense muscular predator curve
feeling a small lump of sudden death
passing through
the interior last swim
down the dark tunnel
as the fish left
for the other world

Post 275: Edisto River, black water, rope swing


Edisto River

Imagine, in your cupped hands

a small lump of the purest silver
you watched as it transformed
into a pocket of light, fresh air

you blew on this cloud of air
til it surrounded you all over
well you understand, right?

your imagination must be light

barely there

if the first spring cattail leaves
flew away from the mother plant
and made a bed for your rest

if the first morning drops of spring rain
moistened your head
fell over your eyebrows
touched your eyelids, like butterfly wings
finally kissing your breasts

well you understand, don’t you

because of not caring
how the utter loss of beauty, tears our souls

GOD has brought us all
to this this river
placed us down in the water
to explain love

6 days until FL!

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It was a busy week this week at work (as usual, blah blah blah). And I suddenly developed a pretty bad case of shin splints after I did a hill/sprint workout on the Casco Bay Bridge with my trainer on Wednesday. (Yowser! I hadn’t had those since high school soccer). I took it easy the rest of the week because I am headed to Florida on a few days with my aunt to visit my beloved sister and run a half marathon. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

My faithful running partner and I did about 4 and a half miles around town today before the rain started. Here he is waiting outside while I get a towel to wipe down the muddy water and sand from his paws and his undercarriage.


Talking to my mom on the phone today and I was telling her that people look at us and smile and laugh and…

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Post 274: sun, live oak leaves, sparkling

magic…..can you imagine?

while a tiny wind blew into our yard
rustling the tree tops
and the late morning sun
spread through the highest oaks
each leaf shimmering
with its own tiny point of light


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