Carol Bass

a continuous flow of feelings and color, inspired by the beauty around us

Post 273: Southern storm, hurricane, wind, sun, Zen poem


southern storm

not a hurricane
wind through trees
like huge trucks passing
wild downpour
clearing warm breeze

Post 272: walk, joy, beauty, power, laughter

from Subway to Bilow

Today, A Beautiful Lady

sauntered out of Subway
heading for her job
frying and serving chicken
at the Bilo deli

her spirit was infectious
I told her so
she laughed
I thought of the Queen of England
never happier that this lady
right then

singing to herself
in the sun

Post 271: marsh, golden, chartreuse, sun, winter


come over here Ruby

wake up now, now
the sky is striped
with rose and soft blue
lavendar haze hovers over pines
slowly turning into diaphonous orange
before welcoming all blue

would you look at that marsh!
all gold and glowy
now it’s chartreuse
huge, graceful white birds flying over
landing on the neighbors dock
ducks making ripples

please God
the beauty you have given Nigeria
must be beyond anything in this world
please let the people wash their eyes
and brains
have them see only this miracle

Post 270: Banana plant, intimate, leaves, green,


banana plant

dry, brown leaves cluster around the stem
rattle in the wind
one green top leaf reaches toward the light
green patches hide in its stalk

banana plant in deep winter
until today
I thought I’d never enjoy the pleasures of
exotic banana

Post 269: magic, air, eagles, vultures, lagoons, the PIG



I was biking home from the Pig yesterday
over the Dawhoo lagoons

when the air turned magic
sweeping m
e up

two eagles soaring with red tail hawk
in the milky orange haze of six pm
haunting entrance of three black vultures
their unmistakable massive blackness and choppy wing flying
soaring empty bellies stirred up by wild want and primal need
never a clue in their lives
of my small yearnings
me needing
this rapture as fiercely as their need for food
all these wild creatures
entering through my heart
with electrical currents down through the toes
leaving me dumbfounded and new again

Post 268: bright green lizard, big black spider


green lizard and black spider

there it sat, near the eave of the roof for days it seemed
but then, the black thing slowly started moving
it wasn’t a blob of mold after all
but a large, furry spider
frightened for its life

a long green lizard approached
with threatening bodily curves

the spider traveled in and out of the shadows on the siding
heading for shelter underneath the window trim

for me, a quiet morning with bird song
and sun crawling over gold marsh grass
fishermen in the creek
young male cardinals
hogging the feeder
coffee and honeydew
Old Woody, just sleeping
I understand living with song

but the furry spider’s horror
I felt the black fiery hell of it all

post 267: giant woman, magnolia tree, seed pods

photo (19)

how the day began

with imaginings
me being a giant, tree-sized woman
exploring thick woods outside the studio
cool misty rain
I was searching for a brush
large enough to paint the depths of my spirit
the twirling energies in my mind
big enough to capture my heart and its singing

I found a glistening magnolia, covered in pods
heavy with fire engine red seeds
rain dripped from leathery leaves
falling on my bare shoulders
gatheing into a pool in my navel
still being a giant, I considered snapping the tree
halfway down to use for dipping in a vat of paint

my soul cried, “no!
so the limbs and I embraced
I returned to the studio
shrinking to a calmer size
and had a cup of tea

Post 265: meditation, wood stork

wood stork

while you were away

for the last three mornings
the wood stork rested on your dock
for what seemed like hours
not fishing, maybe sleeping
easy as a dream, I meditated with her
becoming her
resting in her awkward body
made beautiful in her silent stillness
joy blossomed
there was nothing to need

Post 264: two birds, universe, mud, pink beaks, football, salt water, sun



I’m singing with two birds
in the marsh this morning
feeling their long, curved, rosy beaks

laughing, howling really
at their hot pink legs and feet
how they push their football bodies
bobbing through the oozy black mud

I’m ecstatic that I don’t know their names
I want only nameless things
for the rest of this life
except maybe air, ant hills and leaves
sun browning me
salt water leaving my skin sticky
lake water leaving it silky

end it all with the walls
and boundary making God, please
aliens, immigrants
black muslims, white jews
puritans, waspy witches
tutsi shite
red neck transphobics

only yes
only know
how light shimmers on water
how marsh grass changes a million color greens
how love makes the universe tremble and sing

Post 262: grunt fish, blue bike, cleats, squash, southern boy

the cows are dancing

old Southern Boy

he rode his bike down
asked Owie to make him some cleats
“my builder put the doors on backwards,
I can hold ‘em up with the cleats
and switch ‘em”

“grunt fish, good eatin’ ” he said
“reef dwellers, pretty blue lines
running through yellow,
I’ll bring you some.”

when he was five
fishing with his daddy, catching hundreds
jumping up and down
“Daddy, I wanna catch one, let me catch one!
now can I? how can I?”
Daddy said, “sure ok, sure, quiet down!
you gotta hear them biting!”

gave him his cleats
with a bag of squash
same color yellow on those grunts
and he left, riding that line
on his blue bike


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